How to Teach Media Literacy

Maps and Media Literacy

A review of Seeing Through Maps: Many Ways to See the World. This book makes a historical journey through the development of a wide array of map projections and map types to help the reader recognize how maps reflect back to us our perceptions of the world.

Frameworks for Inquiry

We focus on the use of frameworks as tools for judgment and decision-making, and show how they embody key principles of media literacy education. We also explore the traditional use of a conceptual framework as a tool for scientific research.

CML's Media Literacy Trilogy

CML introduced a trilogy for anytime, anywhere learning. Two e-books now available online explain why critical thinking, intellectual inquiry and student choice are essential for teaching and learning in an information age, and how the principles of media literacy education can be uniquely helpful for schools which are preparing for systemic change. This issue also includes an interview with media literacy pioneer Jean-Pierre Golay and a summary of the Obama Administration’s Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights.