Five Key Questions That Can Change the World

Classroom Activity Guide with 25 Core Lesson Plans for K-12 media Literacy
By Jeff Share, Elizabeth Thoman & Tessa Jolls

 “Where do I start? Is a cry often heard from teachers who would like to introduce media literacy in their classrooms, whether kindergarten or high school – but don’t know where to begin. Five Key Questions that can Change the World is an innovative collection of 25 cornerstone lesson plans – five for each of CML:’s Five Key Questions of media literacy.

Unlike other media literacy activity books, which typically are organized by genre (news, advertising or topic), the inquiry-based lessons in Five Key Questions that can Change the World help students build an internal checklist of questions to ask about any message in any media – the internet, television, radio, advertising, newspapers and even maps and money!

       “It is our dream that by the time they graduate from high school, all students will be able to apply the Five Key Questions almost without thinking…Practicing and mastering the Five Key Questions leads to an adult understanding of how media are created, what their purposes are, and how to accept or reject their messages.” -- Tessa Jolls, CML President


Download in English: Five Key Questions that Can Change the World



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